Proudly, after years of testing and comparisons, we present:



Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil Traditionally Unfiltered, Early Harvested and First Cold Pressed, the Koroneiki Variety.


Τhe Origins of KORONEIKI

The Mani Peninsula, also long known by its medieval name Maïna, is a geographical and cultural region in Greece with inhabitants who claim descendancy from the ancient Spartans. It is divided in two parts, one in Laconia is called «sunny» and one in Messinia is called «shady». The Messenian section receives somewhat more rainfall than the Laconian, and is consequently a little bit more productive in agriculture.

Its rich with mountainous terrain and rocky ground covered with Koroneiki Olive Trees which are grown on mountain terraces overlooking the sea and nestled amongst a variety of aromatic herbs such as thyme, oregano and mint which later enrich the soft pressed Olive Oil with its succulent and gentle aroma.



When traveling around the world, we sometimes miss our Extra Virgin Olive Oils, our 100% Pure Honey, and our Rich aromatic Wines.
We discover on our journeys delicious delicacies all around the world and we begin to share experiences with Chef ’s from different regions to grow our knowledge, our respect and quality appreciation for fine foods.
That is why we founded ΕleniKey Co. and embarked on an extensive research trip around Greece to find finally, in the shady region of Mani, the best and the most traditional culinary bases with the help of our European Chefs.
We were driven, selective in our choices and always looking for the best quality, the most commonly accepted tastes, something that provided your palate with a sensory treat.
A healthy Mediterranean diet needs Quality Olive Oil, it is seen as the most important and indispensable ingredient.