Not Only a Dressing for Salads !!!

Since Centuries, we know in Mediterranean all positive effects that olive oil offer us.

On a period when everybody is looking for a better quality of life, it is interresting to look to the past and be inspired … .

This Olive Oil, cultivated like 2000 years ago, contains in high concentration antioxidants that can prevent free radicals, thus avoiding the cellular aging.

  • It has strong anti-cancer properties.
  • It prevents cardiovascular disease.
  • It has a regulatory effect on diabetes and hypertension.
  • It contributes to the proper development of children’s cardiovascular and nervous system.

You May Use Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a Medicine:

  • For stomach and intestinal diseases
  • For the bile and the kidney
  • Ointment for eczemas or burns
  • To protect new-borns from infections
  • To cure gingivitis
  • To whiten the teeth
  • For ear infections in the form of drops
  • As a moisturizer for the skin
  • As a hair shining product
  • As make up removal
  • As Sun protection

How to use it as Medicine:
The information contained in this document cannot replace your physician’s recommendations or a visit to a health care specialist.

Otitis Externa
This extremely common disorder has many causes.  In fact, it may be caused, among others, by water getting into our ears when we swim or take a bath or shower, foreign objects or insects that penetrate into our external auditory canal or even a tooth infection that extends to our ears. Heat half a spoonful of olive oil and soak a piece of cotton wool in it. (ATTENTION: THE OIL SHOULD NOT BE HOT).  Place the cotton wool at the entrance of your ear canal and leave it there for one hour.


Hair Treatment
Cold weather, some shampoos and frequent styling makes hair dry.  Olive oil will make your hair softer but will not make them look unwashed.  Once a week apply a deep nutrition mask with olive oil on your hair. Dry hair is difficult to comb and it often ruins the look of a new haircut.  An olive oil treatment will make your hair look infinitely smoother!
A treatment with olive oil for smooth, moisturized and shining hair.
Before washing your hair apply one or two spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil (depending on your hair volume) and wrap your hair with aluminium foil or cling film.  Leave for approximately 10 minutes and wash your hair.  Your hair will look silky and shining!
Shampoo your hair and rinse it at least three times with warm water after this treatment.


For the Skin
Remove your make up with extra virgin olive oil:
Wet your face with water and then massage your moist skin and the area around the eyes with olive oil. Use a piece of wet cotton wool to remove your make up and cleanse your face. In the morning your face will look different… This treatment will gradually make freckles and wrinkles disappear. Olive oil is extremely rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E.

For Body Care

“Very often after a hot bath, instead of using an expensive body moisturizing cream, I go for an olive oil full body massage.  My skin revives and looks more shining and moisturized.”

Use olive oil on your body to moisturize it, get rid of cellulites and acquire a luminous skin full of energy. After your bath, apply on your moist skin olive oil. You may add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil in a bottle and mix before application.  Ancient Greeks applied olive oil on their bodies before going into battle as they believe that it could give them a luminous skin and bring them luck.

For the Wrinkles around the Eyes and on the Forehead
Nothing is better than nature’s products so those of you, who have seen deep lines around your eyes, fight them with olive oil. Use a piece of cotton wool to apply with soft movements some olive oil in the area of the so-called crow’s feet that is at the outer corners of your eyes. Leave it for half an hour and then rinse it off very-very softly. You may use this method at least once a week. Very soon the lines will become much softer.


For Irritated Baby Skin
Babies and toddlers still on nappies may get this type of irritation, which is more frequent between the ages of 0 and 24 months. Leave the baby without a nappy for as long as possible to allow the area to dry.
Change the nappies frequently. Do not use baby wipes but clean and abundant water. Do not use soap.
Use cotton nappies. Apply abundant sensitive area cream on your baby’s irritated skin or olive oil.


For Stretch Marks
Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E, which is an effective treatment for skin blemishes.  Moreover, olive oil makes the skin softer and effectively reduces pregnancy stretch marks.  Put a few drops of olive oil on a piece of cotton wool and apply on the area. How do I moisturize and revitalize my skin? Mix 20 ml olive oil with 2 drops of lavender essential oil and massage your skin after showering.  This is an excellent treatment that boosts, nourishes and moisturizes the skin.


For the Nails
Do your nails break easily, peel off and do they have a dull colour? Try this recipe with olive oil and lemon juice that will make your nails stronger and give them an unbelievable lustre.  In a bowl, mix equal quantities of olive oil and lemon juice. Dip you hands in the bowl and let them soak for approximately 15 minutes.  Rinse them with warm water. Repeat 2-3 time a week for an even more breathtaking outcome.  This is a very simple method to moisturize your hands (and feet) and help your nails regain their lost lustre. Very often after a hot bath, instead of using an expensive body moisturizing cream, I go for an olive oil full body massage.  My skin revives and looks more shining and moisturized.


Olive Oil Treatment

Olive oil treatment is a simple yet very effective method to purify your blood. It is very beneficial for a number of disorders, including blood disorders, lung and liver disorders, tooth and gingival problems, headaches, skin disorders, stomach ulcers, bowel disorders, anorexia, cardiac and renal disorder, encephalitis, neurological disorders, poor memory, gynaecological disorders and face oedema.

Olive Oil within your Teeth
The treatment simply consists in holding a gulp of olive oil in your mouth for a few minutes. Use Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In the morning, before breakfast, put a spoonful of olive oil in your mouth and keep it there. Do not swallow.  Turn the liquid in your mouth and in between your teeth for 3 to 4 minutes. Thus, the oil mixes with saliva and activates enzymes that attract toxins from your blood.  It is therefore important to spit the oil out after 3 to 4 minutes – it is full of toxins that we should avoid to reabsorb.  This oil is milky white or yellowish as it is saturated with toxins and billions of harmful bacteria. For better results, repeat the treatment two more times.  Olive oil treatment will cure gingival haemorrhage and whiten your teeth.

Olive Oil relieve the Liver
It relieves the liver since it removes toxins that the liver cannot dissolve or remove from our body.


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